Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is acne rosacea?

What is acne rosacea? Acne Rosacea is a particular dermatitis affecting the face area and affects many people, many of which are not even aware of it. Acne Rosacea, in fact, is usually present at birth and manifests itself in adulthood affecting the central area of ??the face with redness and flushing caused by the dilation of blood vessels of the face.

It happens that the Acne Rosacea is commonly mistaken for common acne, but the difference between the two is clear and the disease first manifests itself in adulthood but unlike the second which is typical of adolescence.

Acne Rosacea usually occurs in people with fair skin (those with a complexion as an excuse, though he was not immune, have pigmentation less receptive to such irritation), and on them is easier find, although it is sometimes mistaken redness for a common and therefore not treated properly.

Genetic factors, exposure to sunlight can cause the appearance of acne rosacea, which is still considered incurable: it tends to come and go regularly, occurring in periods of sun exposure or stress conditions that can cause the dilation of blood vessels micro-level facial.

Acne Rosacea is not contagious and, unless the redness on the face, usually presents no other unpleasant symptoms: for this reason many people do not even realize that they have it and, once discovered, simply pay attention to greater protection face (usually with sun exposure), without resorting to special treatment. In some severe cases, acne rosacea treatment includes exposure to laser and a special exposure photodynamic, in order to alleviate the symptoms and allow the non-appearance of the same for prolonged periods.

Acne Rosacea is not an infectious disease or contagious: if it turns out to be affected, however, you should contact your doctor, who will provide the best advice on what treatment to follow in order to prevent the occurrence of possible complications or discomfort.

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