Friday, May 11, 2012

How long for baby acne to go away

how long for baby acne to go away? Neonatal acne usually appears during the first month of the child's life. Neonatal acne is characterized by small red dots. This mild form of acne is due to maternal hormones passed to the fetus during pregnancy that stimulate the sebaceous glands of the newborn than it should, causing the tiny pimples. How long does the neonatal acne? Generally it is already present in the infant at birth or appears after a couple of weeks.

Neonatal acne usually lasts one to two months. Some of the areas most affected neonatal acne are the face and back. Neonatal acne is not to be confused with so-called , a transient phenomenon consisting of small cysts hard and whitish. What do neonatal acne? In reality, nothing special in the sense that neonatal acne disappears spontaneously with the growth, after a couple of months. They are therefore not suitable lotions or creams to address the particular problem.

Alternatively, it is important, however, clean water every day neonatal acne affected areas. The neonatal acne, therefore, do not worry parents especially. Only if it is prolonged beyond the fifth month or you can contact is especially pronounced at the pediatrician to agree on any solution.

The DIY is instead absolutely recommended! If this is true often for adults, it is certainly more valuable for newborns and their delicate body.

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