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Acne Spot Treatment

Acne is a condition in which the skin is characterized by white heads, black heads, pimples or swollen red pimples. The pores on the surface of the skin become blocked sometimes. Pores are opening a passage called a follicle. There is a hair and an oil gland in the follicle. The oil gland helps lubricate the skin and remove the old skin cells. The pores become blocked when there is too much oil secretions from these glands. Bacteria and dirt begins to collect in these clogged pores. The obstruction or blockage on the skin is called a plug.

When to Choose Acne Spot Treatment Over General Treatment 

Depending on the skin of a person, acne can absolutely cover large areas of the skin or of the face. However, for some of us who are lucky enough, one or only two pimples can grow in certain areas of the face or the body.

For those who are blessed with the skin that only gets one or two pimples, imagine waking up to find a zit dead-center on your nose. What do you do? The majority of us would run to the shower and scrub the whole face hoping it would go away, however, there is a better way of dealing with just one pimple: acne spot treatment.

General acne treatments are great and are highly effective in getting rid of them, but for just one pimple this is ill-advised as it is not cost-effective. For those that only have a small number of acne on their skin, acne spot treatment is the answer as this method is meant to directly target the existing blemishes.

Essentially, spot acne treatment is not meant to be applied all over the face or in large areas, just in small, singular spots, making it suitable for those who only have the occasional pimple.

One of the best ways to go about acne spot treatment is to go for over the counter products such as lotions, creams, or ointments. Remember those acne ointments that have a long nose those are typically the products that are best suited for acne spot treatment.

But for those who want to be more specific when it comes to the ingredients of their over the counter acne spot treatment products, look for the ones that have benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or sulfur as these are the main ingredients that clear acne. Aside from the three main ingredients, some other ingredients that you should look for are tea tree oil or alpha hydroxyl acids.

It is important to note that though there are some over the counter products out there that dry immediately after applying, some need to be left on overnight, so read its directions for application.

And all though some of these over the counter products are cheap, for those that do not want to spend money, there are some home remedies you can consider.

The tried and tested home remedy acne spot treatment is to dip cotton on fresh lemon juice and to apply it directly onto the blemish. Rinse it off after 10 to 15 minutes with lukewarm water and you are set to go.

A handful of crushed mint leaves rubbed over the spot, juice and all, and left for 10 minutes is another great home remedy. Just rinse it after and your painful and inflamed pimples are sure to feel better and look better.

Aloe leaf is another great acne spot treatment. Just slit the aloe leaf in the middle and let the yellow latex drain first. Then use cold water to rinse the gel, and apply it on the spots. Aloes healing properties and its cooling effect is sure to help rid that blemish away.

by Patricia
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The Secret To Getting Rid of Acne Naturally

If you trying for tips to get rid of acne naturally than you're in the correct place. Before you create your skin worse and your wallet smaller by shopping for acne product that job for a few days than fail, let me give you some easy tips for get rid of acne naturally. Ever notice that the higher an acne product works the a lot of cash it costs? If you also notice the better they work the less peroxide they usually have in them. That's because benzoyl peroxide makes your skin worse if there's an excessive amount of it.

Tip # one -Your eating behavior its meant that you get a good diet.

In China acne is believed to be caused by heat and sure toxins building in the blood stream. Sure foods will raise body temperatures plus sure toxin levels. It's viewed as a digestive drawback where toxins are discharged into the skin rather than their traditional destination. Generally a diet change is all you need. Low fat with correct vitamins and minerals with doable fiber increase if your acne is digestion related. Substances like Spicy Foods, Garlic, Coffee and Soup cause heat to build up in the body and they should not be utilized in excess. Saturated fat damages tissue in the body and will cause inflammation that can build pimples appear bigger. Foods made in Omega three Fatty acids are a nice tip for obtaining rid of acne naturally. Greasy foods don't necessarily cause acne but one factor's for certain they do not help prevent it.

Tip #  Two- Good Hygiene-Personal hygiene is the first step to good grooming and good health

If you wear dirty clothes and sleep on dirty sheets and pillows you may little doubt get a wide range of bacteria inflicting pimples overnight. If you notice most pimples are shaped over night. Many people fail to see the association in having clear skin with keeping your environment clean. Suppose of it this means, if you return in dirty and sweaty where do you're thinking that that dirt goes? It goes each where around you! On your bed, in your rest room, in your bedroom, the couch, something you bit. I'm not saying you should be a clean freak, but you should take time to scrub dirty garments and amendment your sheets at the very least. If your a shower in the day kind of person(like me) than I suggest you begin showering in the dead of night or do a fast rinse off therefore your clean pillow cases and sheets do not get dirty every night. Sheets ought to be changed or washed every week or two depending on how dirty you're before visiting bed. Even if you wash your face you'll still be putting it in an exceedingly pile of bacteria. Just because you do not see it, does not mean it is not there.

Tip # Three - Speeding Up The Pimple Eliminating Process-you can speed up the process by employing a few specific strategies

There are several great tips for getting rid of acne however did you recognize natural strategies can reduce it faster than chemical treatments? Most individuals think I am a liar when I say this but I speak the reality. Vitamin A and E help for healthy skin so you must create certain you do not have a deficiency in those. Zinc helps bring hormones back in balance and it's known to be a skin healer.(which means acne scars) A high fiber diet along with some Acidophilus if you have digestion problems will eliminate acne caused by improper digestion. A "honey" facial will revitalize the skin furthermore tea tree oil. Certain citrus fruits have acids that naturally ex foliate the skin. A heap of acne come from the body not having enough water to move toxins out of the bloodstream, thus it builds up and is released wherever. Plenty of water will facilitate your body eliminate these toxins. It's really a guide that GUARANTEES to induce rid of acne in one night. It's really a very amazing guide. I printed a few ways to get rid of acne but they very go into detail. They have all natural solutions like those I mentioned, that is why I tried it initially.

There are several tips for obtaining rid of acne naturally and these are simply a few. Everyone has there own "home remedies" at obtaining rid of this awful skin disease. From Echinacea to Lemon juice with water their are many ways to urge rid of acne naturally that won't leave you broke and with peeling and cracking skin. I personally advocate the Overnight Acne Guide as a result of it outlines all the natural tips for obtaining rid of acne. Dr. Louise Griffin spent the last 8 years studying it which is longer than I've had acne therefore she positively knows what shes talking about. I mean how else will you guarantee to get rid of acne in someday? No pimple cream I apprehend of would dare create that guarantee that's unless they are prepared to go bankrupt.

These are simply a number of the tips and tricks that can be used to get rid of acne. Are you looking for a guide that really works on how to getting rid of acne? Find out how eliminate acne in the system that really work  and  form your skin as clear because the day you were born.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8 Ways How To Conquer Acne

Reports show that over 90 percent of all adolescents and almost 25 percent of all adults suffer from acne at some time. Acne affects males and females worldwide, regardless of nationality.

The most effective methods to combat acne include a combination of prevention and better skincare.

Here are 8 ways you can use to prevent and treat acne:

1. Exercise
Regular exercise can help fight acne by fighting off negative stress levels that can come from negative self-esteem and depression. But avoid wearing tight lycra and nylon exercise outfits. These synthetic fabrics that tend to trap body moisture and heat, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Stick to loose clothing made of cotton or natural blends, and keep your sports gear and equipment clean.

2. Safe Cosmetics
To avoid pore-clogging and skin irritations that can contribute to acne, use products labeled "noncomedogenic" or "oil-free." Opt for "hypo-allergenic" perfumes and cosmetics to avoid allergic reactions and skin irritation. Coal tar derivatives, carmine and heavy cream in blushes can cause reactions.

Shimmering facial colors can contain a flaky mineral called mica that can cause skin irritations and clog pores. Use a lip gloss with a matte finish for less pore-clogging. The more the shine, the more then comedogenic content and the more your pores can clog.

3. Healthy Diet
Studies show that diet does not play a role in either the cause or the treatment of acne. However, what is best for your body is best for your skin. So make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals and supplements that have been known and recommended to prevent and help conquer acne breakouts.

These include
    * Vitamin A or Retinol (High doses are toxic)
    * Vitamin B Complex
    * Vitamin C
    * Vitamin E
    * L-Carnitine
    * Zinc

A good quality brand name multivitamin will probably have the recommended vitamins and minerals that you need to help with acne prevention. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day and making good, healthy dietary food choices.

4. Hormonal Treatment
Hormones (or a lack of them) during later years - especially for women - can play a role in acne flare-ups and prevention. One recent study showed that about 50 percent of women have acne, referred to as hormonal acne, problems during the week before their menstruation.

Treatment options include topical retinoids, oral antibiotics and Benzoyl Peroxide for teen years. For adults oral contraceptives or hormonal birth control pills and hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) may be helpful for women, combined with systemic or topical treatments, prescription or over-the-counter products and medications.

5. Healthy Skin Regimen
Avoid harsh scrubbing or over-washing, because this can cause possible skin irritation or possible over production of oil to replace what's washed off, clogging pores in the process. Use products with gentle exfoliation ingredients and skip products that contain alcohol.

6. Acne Products
Some of the more popular products on the market that can prevent acne include:
    * Benzoyl Peroxide
    * Proactiv� Solution
    * Salicylic Acid
    * Retinoids
    * Antibiotics
    * Oral Contraceptives
    * Anti-Androgens
    * Isotretinoin (Accutane)

7. Shaving
Shaving is actually an excellent way of exfoliating or removing dead skin to help with the prevention and spreading of acne instead of leaving the remains to clog pores. And for some light acne cases already in process, shaving can help rid whiteheads and blackheads from the face. Do not shave areas taht are sore or infected. Use a shaving cream for sensitive skin.

Shave with a sharp blade. Use gentle swipes instead of heavy pressure and go with the flow or "grain." A single-edged blade is better than a twin-blade razor. Electric razors may not shave as close to the skin, but they help with the prevention of acne and other skin breakouts and flare-ups better.

8. Stress
Stress includes external and internal stressors. External Stressors are those that compromise your skin's ability to heal, like oily make-up and too much sun. Internal stressors like anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, depression and a variety of other internalized emotions, can trigger chemical reactions inside your body that can result in acne flare-ups and other skin irritations.

To combat internal stressors and prevent acne problems, get plenty of rest and sleep. Try to maintain regular hours. Keep a check list of "Things that Calm You" handy for stressful times, like reading a book, resting, listening to music, taking a walk, going out for an ice cream cone, etc.

Monday, February 4, 2013

8 Little Known Acne Skin Care Secrets

An acne problem is not a problem, so long as you know wise acne skin care tips. One does need much money to get that healthy glowing skin, with the natural acne skin care methods, acne shouldn't be treated like monsters under your bed. Here are some acne skin care methods we can practice.

1. The power of water.
Oil, they say is thicker than water. But water is the plainest, most natural substance we can use for acne skin care. In washing your face, do it gently. Rubbing and scrubbing your face does not clean the skin gently. For best acne skin care effects, using a mild cleanser or toner once in the morning, noon and evening, and after doing a heavy work out, will help you achieve a clear skin.

2. Pick that zit.
People who prick pimples and blemishes as if pricking a bubble only aggravates the risk of skin inflammation and acne scars. Avoid hand contact with your face for better acne skin care results.

3. Shave with care.
Choose the best electric shavers and safety razors you can trust for years. They'll be more comfortable to use. Men need not use a super sharp blade to get rid of that beard. A regular shaver used with soap and water, or shaving cream will help you get that smooth finish. Doctors advised men to shave lightly, and shave only when necessary for acne skin care maintenance.

4. Sun of the beach!
If you love sun tanning or just want the sight of that sophisticated sunburnt look - forget it. This is an acne skin care no-no. The sun�s harmful ultra violet rays redden the skin, making the skin drier. It can make one�s blemishes visible, speed up aging and bring serious damage to the human skin. Also, excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. You don't want to ruin that great acne skin care you've been starting on with.

5. Cosmic Cosmetics.
Eye shadows, blush on, moisturizer, and other cosmetics we use should be free from oily substances to permit healthy acne skin care maintenance. Even hairstyling products in forms of gels or aerosols that come in close contact with the skin may destroy a healthy acne skin care practice. Choose hairstyling products, which are commercially labeled as non-comedogenic are products which do not provoke the formation and growth of blemishes and other related skin disorders.

6. Buttered Face.
An African beauty secret reveals the power of shea butter which originated from the Karite Nut Tree (or Mangifolia tree). Hmmm... juicy acne skin care tip! Karite Nut Tree was discovered in the semi-arid savannahs of West Africa and Central Africa. People in Africa, women in particular - rely in shea butter as a vital tool for acne skin care treatment for over centuries now.

7. Spare me that SPA!
You need not visit the most expensive spa parlors to get that destressing facial treatment to aid you in your acne skin care endeavor. Create a home made magical elixir right at the comforts of your own home by purchasing simple spa tools found in beauty stores.

8. Get only the best and the FRESH.
Increase intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. These acne skin care tools are free of toxins which decreases the speed of blood circulation. A salad or a fruit a day will keep an acne away!

There is no perfect cure, medication, treatment or acne skin care methods for acne problems. Thus, as the sole proprietor of our own skin, we must take full charge of what lies to be our first armor against diseases and bodily injuries.

Friday, February 1, 2013

6 Steps To Clearer Skin

Well, I�m writing this because I know there are millions of people out there with an acne problem that seems to not go away. Yes, if you�re like me you have tried all of the popular products. But, what if I told you that in order to have clear skin you don�t have to spend hundreds of dollars every month.

Actually, you may not have to spend any money.

So, with all that said here is my simple 6 Steps To Clearer Skin (Yes, this is what I am doing to help my skin clear):

1. Drink lots of purified water. Look, many of us with acne problems continue to drinks all of these sodas that have a lot of acid, colors, etc. Soda can really mess up the face. Leave all sodas and other drinks on the market alone and stick to only purified water. Try these waters - Poland Springs, Volvic, Penta (expensive), Smart Water, or Dasani. Water does wonders to the body!

2. Drink lots of Green Tea (at least 1 to 2 times a day). Green Tea has many antioxidants that will help in decreasing your acne problems. Try purchasing the Celestial Seasonings Green Tea.

3. Eliminate any and all fried foods or greasy foods from your diet. Yes, I know many dermatologists will disagree with this. What I have found is that when I stopped eating fried or greasy foods my face automatically started clearing and improving to the point where I was receiving compliments almost everyday.

Fried food carries too much grease that can cause big pimples to form in your face. Also many fast food places use old grease over and over again. Old or reused grease is one big block in your way if you�re trying to get clear skin. Not Good!

4. Eat a lot of vegetables (raw organic baby spinach is wonderful) and fruits everyday. Yeah I know you heard this before, but some of you are still not doing it. Vegetables and fruits alone. Many vegetables and fruits have antioxidants and vitamins that can help in healing and clearing the skin.

5. Use pure vitamin E oil (use the Nature�s Gate Brand) for your face. I am telling you, it will make your look good in about two to three months. Vitamin E oil has all the healing and antioxidant properties to help in clearing your skin. Apply to your face every night before going to bed.

6. Eliminate all stress. I know for some, stress can result in many breakouts on the face. Some individuals are not good at dealing with stress.  You know what, let the stress go!

Enjoy these steps and take your time. Give yourself  3 to 6 months to see actual improvements in your skin. For these steps to work properly, please add each step to your daily routine. Each step must be performed on a daily basis. Consult your local dermatologist if you have any worries.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 Of The Biggest Pimples In The World

5 of the biggest pimples in the world are shown here.

These are nasty zits that some people around the world have had on there bodies.

Why would anyone wait so long before having any treatment done on them.

A Word of Warning!

These videos are gross!

And some of them have bad language.

My advice, get medical help before yours gets this bad.

2. Huge Cyst Extraction

3. Puss popper. Infection

4. Simons Nasty back pimple!!

5. Biggest Cyst On The Planet | Operation "Kill George"

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Treat Female Adult Acne

Acne not only do physical damage, but it also has psychological effects such as lack of confidence in himself and low self-esteem. If you think that only teenagers have acne, you make a mistake. No, it's not just teenagers who contracted the skin disease. Women who are affected by acne are more prone to depression and tend to cover their appearances because they are embarrassed by this. Don't be afraid, however, there is an extensive treatment of the female adult acne and it is only a question of finding the most appropriate that suits your skin type. The adult acne usually manifests in women and in addition to being a constant source of shame which may also cause discomfort. Why are women more prone to acne? For most of those who still have their menstrual period, hormonal imbalances make your sebaceous glands to produce an excessive amount of oil, especially during their menstrual period.

If you are an adult woman suffering from outbreaks of acne, you have probably felt often frustrated or embarrassed by this condition. Rest assured, you're not alone. Millions of women around the world have a lot which spent their teenage years now are still undergoing tests today adult acne. If you are a woman who feels that all is lost, you know that, regardless of your situation, there is no one available to you acne treatment.

Women go through hormonal changes many times in his life. If you are suffering from a recent acne outbreak, it may be due to hormonal changes that occur in your body. When the body has a high level of androgens, the hormone known as testosterone, which can cause breakouts on the female body.

For mild cases, a series of over-the-counter products are available, such as Clearasil or Oxy 10. These products often use peroxide benzoyl, salicylic acid, or a combination of both. These act as an anti-bacterial cleaning agent and it may be effective for less serious cases of adult female acne.

For prolonged or severe hormonal imbalances, you might consider talking to a doctor about hormone treatments. If hormonal imbalance is the cause of your acne, the doctor can help identify and diagnose problems. Hormone treatments can be effective against the more serious cases of acne found in women. Treatment inhibits androgen from stimulation of the sebaceous glands, hence reducing excess oil that may cause clogging of the pores and hair follicles. An analysis of blood and often a prescription for oral medication are required for hormone treatments, so it is available only through a doctor. They can be very effective treatments, however, even to the point of stop acne before it even occurs.

An option of last resort is a prescription medicine called Accutane. It is a concentrated form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an effective nutrient that strengthens the tissues of skin protection. It helps to repair and maintain the mucous cells that are made. It also inhibits the body's production of sebum, a type of oil that your body produces in the sebaceous glands. When the body produces too much sebum much, pores and hair follicles can become obstructed. Accutane should be used when other treatments have been tried and have failed since it has few side effects as possible complications during pregnancy or birth defects.

Another option may be to birth control pills. Hormonal as Ortho Tri Cyclen and Estrostep pills are standard requirements that often help prevent acne outbreaks. They are not always completely effective in cleaning up defects and it must at times be used in combination with other forms of treatment. Once again, a doctor is the best person to consult to help you determine what the best options may be. To take any type of hormonal birth control pills, women must remember to comply with the health restrictions that come with the use of the pill, such as not smoking cigarettes.

Remember, any level of acne is a woman can be treated and helped. The first step in the prevention of acne is consult a doctor or dermatologist. If you're ready for a beautiful skin, it is very possible with a little effort and attention.