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Mandelic Acid Acne Treatment

One of the remedies considered "natural" to fight acne and pimples is certainly represented by 'mandelic acid. It is a natural product extracted from the almonds. Unlike the 'glycolic acid, is not tolerated by all skin types and particularly irritating, mandelic what is "lighter".

The function is always the same, that of acting as mild skin exfoliant, a peeling remove for the top layer of the skin and thereby reduce scarring and marks left by an acne particularly difficult. As mentioned mandelic acid derived from bitter almonds and is part of the family of alpha hydroxy acids.

Most of the alpha hydroxy acids are particularly harsh on the skin, their use the reddens and irritates. The mandelic acid is different from the other acids because its molecules have a larger size and therefore is much slower to penetrate nelgli lower layers of the skin, ie, 'allows a more uniform treatment.

  Mandelic acid is a wonderful ingredient to fight acne in adults for its antibacterial properties. Bacteria in fact, present in the clogged pores are the main cause of the formation of acne and pimples, pustules and points blacks.

  The mandelic acid provides an excellent peeling effect, freeing the skin surface by debris, bacteria and dead skin cells which often clog the pores. You can buy it in pharmacies and herbal medicine, the higher the concentration, the greater the "effective" for a deeper exfoliation. After treatment with mandelic acid is recommended not to expose themselves to sunlight for at least 15 days.

What is acne rosacea?

What is acne rosacea? Acne Rosacea is a particular dermatitis affecting the face area and affects many people, many of which are not even aware of it. Acne Rosacea, in fact, is usually present at birth and manifests itself in adulthood affecting the central area of ??the face with redness and flushing caused by the dilation of blood vessels of the face.

It happens that the Acne Rosacea is commonly mistaken for common acne, but the difference between the two is clear and the disease first manifests itself in adulthood but unlike the second which is typical of adolescence.

Acne Rosacea usually occurs in people with fair skin (those with a complexion as an excuse, though he was not immune, have pigmentation less receptive to such irritation), and on them is easier find, although it is sometimes mistaken redness for a common and therefore not treated properly.

Genetic factors, exposure to sunlight can cause the appearance of acne rosacea, which is still considered incurable: it tends to come and go regularly, occurring in periods of sun exposure or stress conditions that can cause the dilation of blood vessels micro-level facial.

Acne Rosacea is not contagious and, unless the redness on the face, usually presents no other unpleasant symptoms: for this reason many people do not even realize that they have it and, once discovered, simply pay attention to greater protection face (usually with sun exposure), without resorting to special treatment. In some severe cases, acne rosacea treatment includes exposure to laser and a special exposure photodynamic, in order to alleviate the symptoms and allow the non-appearance of the same for prolonged periods.

Acne Rosacea is not an infectious disease or contagious: if it turns out to be affected, however, you should contact your doctor, who will provide the best advice on what treatment to follow in order to prevent the occurrence of possible complications or discomfort.

Natural herbal remedies acne

Natural herbal remedies acne. Acne is a chronic disorder of the skin due to excessive production of sebum, which causes points blacks and whites, pimples, nodules and inflamed cysts. Although many injuries requiring medical treatment, others can be cured with natural herbs.

is among the most widely used herbal medicines for various skin disorders like acne. Its flowers anrancioni contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that can prevent acne, is used as a shrink. You can make a face pack made ??from calendula. Prepare some flowers in a tea cup with 250 ml of water for 10 minutes by applying it on the face for about 30 minutes. Rinse with continuous jets of cold water.

is a medicinal herb that contains menthol, is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent useful for pimples. Prevents points whites and blacks. Take the leaves of mint, mash them to release the juice to put on face for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. You can also turn heat the leaves for 15 minutes and use them as a compress.

herb that has a long history of alternative medicine. Contains curcumin which is a potent anti-inflammatory. He works as an anti-septic as it removes bacteria from the skin. Those who suffer from acne, it can use as a compress for the face burning the roots of turmeric and boiling the ash in 250 ml of water and then apply it on face. You can also drink hot milk with turmeric powder for three times a day with excellent results.
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How long for baby acne to go away

how long for baby acne to go away? Neonatal acne usually appears during the first month of the child's life. Neonatal acne is characterized by small red dots. This mild form of acne is due to maternal hormones passed to the fetus during pregnancy that stimulate the sebaceous glands of the newborn than it should, causing the tiny pimples. How long does the neonatal acne? Generally it is already present in the infant at birth or appears after a couple of weeks.

Neonatal acne usually lasts one to two months. Some of the areas most affected neonatal acne are the face and back. Neonatal acne is not to be confused with so-called , a transient phenomenon consisting of small cysts hard and whitish. What do neonatal acne? In reality, nothing special in the sense that neonatal acne disappears spontaneously with the growth, after a couple of months. They are therefore not suitable lotions or creams to address the particular problem.

Alternatively, it is important, however, clean water every day neonatal acne affected areas. The neonatal acne, therefore, do not worry parents especially. Only if it is prolonged beyond the fifth month or you can contact is especially pronounced at the pediatrician to agree on any solution.

The DIY is instead absolutely recommended! If this is true often for adults, it is certainly more valuable for newborns and their delicate body.

Mud Therapy Beauty Salon

Purify the skin, inflammation, and drain off the liquid retention. The mud, soft clay mixed with a skilful mixture of water and specific ingredients are the most suitable for solving the most common beauty problems such as cellulite, acne, dandruff.

Because they work

Consisting of a solid part, based on organic and inorganic material, and a liquid, ie, mineral waters, sludge used for cosmetic purposes usually contain very fine soil material remaining in prolonged contact with hot water, it absorbs active ingredients, such as sulfur, vitamins and trace elements. Often, the formulation of sludge is enriched by the specific substances (plant extracts, salicylic acid, essential oils, marine derivatives) that modify and enhance its effectiveness.

The secret? The insulating layer

Their action is due in large part to the so-called osmotic effect: applying the sludge on the body, it creates an insulating layer which increases the temperature of the skin, and consequently, the pores open promoting the penetration of the active principles contained in the mixture, with results dependent areas of the body where the application takes place and the substances used: using the sludge can help remove excess sebum or prevent the formation of pimples and dirt, making the skin smooth and soft or reduce fluid retention, revitalize hair by regulating the production of dandruff or just give a nice color to the face. Who loves fragrances, scented mud can be found on the market: for example against cellulite there are some white because made of kaolin (a substance that is used instead of clay), and fragrant with cinnamon, or mint, or more star anise.

Many benefits, very few contraindications

Supersicuri, the sludge is only contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding (but you can apply if the doctor gives the OK). In any case, keep in mind that a slight redness or tingling are normal reactions, due to the increase of the microcirculation of the skin, and usually disappear in half an hour or an hour away by rinsing. Beware though: if during the application of these feelings are very strong, you should reduce the installation time. Do not expose yourself to sunlight soon after treatment: During the summer months, it is best to apply them at night and wait until morning before sunbathing.

Cellulite: draining, shape the silhouette

Those who suffer from cellulite but leaves nothing unturned to oppose it, knowing that you have to do with an "enemy" subtle and insidious, and the various remedies for cellulite, there are also mud, draining and stimulating circulation.

The super algae

Highly effective are those based on seaweed, which for this purpose are collected, allowed to dry out and work so as not to alter the content in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other beneficial substances. Thanks to the marine and plant extracts, have a draining effect, which helps eliminate water retention and toxins typical of cellulite, and stimulates circulation. Apply on clean skin, then wrapping with plastic wrap. They hold on for twenty to thirty minutes, then rinse. To optimize the effect of the mud, you can use skin-coordinated, based on extracts invigorating and refreshing. You can buy them ready at any herbal and natural area with many pharmacies.

The alternative home

Mix green clay and enough water to obtain a spreadable thickish batter. The preparation add four drops of lemon essential oil (helps burn fat deposits localized) and as many of rosemary (stimulates circulation and helps to drain excess fluids). The implementing rules are quite similar to those of seaweed mud. Hold on for at least twenty minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment twice a week.

For the face: moisturizer, soften

The skin is impure, opaque, off? The mud facials are a very valuable resource, because they have the ability to remove dead cells and impurities, thus giving new vigor and brightness of the skin, which is hydrated at the same time. Usually, you apply with a gentle massage, after a thorough cleaning and avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth, and leave on for ten to twenty minutes before rinsing thoroughly to remove any residual product.

The alternative home

If you love the do-it-yourself, try this mask, simple and fast. Mix equal parts of white clay and ground almonds. Add rose water, in quantities sufficient to create a batter to spread. Rub the mixture on face and neck (to take advantage of the exfoliating) and leave for 15 minutes. Finally rinse and tones with rose water or orange blossom.

On her hair: supernutrienti, weld split ends

Hair also can benefit from specific application of sludge. Some commercially available formulations designed to dry hair, oily or normal, suitably enriched with algae, vegetable oils, ventilated clay and essential oils to balance sebum production, nourish the hair by counteracting the formation of split ends and make them soft and silky. The packs are usually applied once or twice a week, wet hair and gently massage, leaving them posing in a few minutes before rinsing.